Course Category: Membership

008 – The Overture

This is how you introduce your products. Use an Overture campaign every time you want to tell your subscribers about a new product. The Overture lays the foundations and gives all of the basic information about it.

In most cases an Overture will come right after the Getting To Know You to introduce your first product in a structured way.

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009 – The Revival (LOL) & Terrible Friend

Disengaged subscribers are costing you sales, money and damaging your delivery to everyone who wants to hear from you. Run this campaign to revive them and then cut the dead ones loose.

And if you’ve not emailed your list for a while, our Terrible Friend campaign will help you get back in their good books.

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003 – The Time Lord

Create real, undeniable urgency and fly in the face of all of that false urgency that your subscribers are fed up off and don’t believe any more.

This is a real-time campaign that is perfect for a sale or launch where each day you send subscribers to a video about the offer. The magic in this campaign is that each video starts with today’s date which creates real, undeniable urgency.

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004 – The Interrogator

Close out any promotion with this campaign that asks why they haven’t bought yet and handles their objections that have stopped them from buying.

Using a simple set of emails and a short survey/quiz you get to understand your subscribers, why they haven’t bought and do something about it. All without being aggressive.

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005 – The Bribe

Offer a big juice, high-value bonus or bribe to move people off the fence.

The structure of this campaign is perfect if you’ve been offering something for a while and some people are still on the fence about buying. Adding in a blatant and honest ‘bribe’ to get them to join is a great way of tapping into their emotions and making more sales.

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006 – Tell Me More

Identify your hyper engaged subscribers and follow up with them in a more structured sales campaign that moves them to buy. Every business should have this in place.

This powerful campaign tracks how many times someone clicks to view the same product page and then enters them into a specific automation to overcome objections, build desire and compel them to buy.

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007 – The Splinter

If you have a high-ticket core offer or a membership, splinter off one element of that main program and offer it for sale at a lower price with no commitment.

The aim of the campaign is to get some subscribers to raise their hands in the air (with their credit cards) and turn them into buyers and then fans so you can then up-sell them into your core program or membership.

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