Re-Engage Your Subscribers


Use this track to navigate your step-by-step path through some of the content inside The League that will help you to re-engage your subscribers as quickly as possible.

Mark each step off as you complete it and proceed to the next one.

Once you’ve finished this track either start another one or go ‘off road’ and check out the rest of the content in The League.

Wake Your Sleepy Subscribers

Subscribers who don’t open your emails and don’t engage with them are damaging your sender reputations so use our LOL framework to shake them awake:

If you haven’t emailed some of your subscribers in a while, don’t worry, we’ve all been there and this Terrible Friend campaign gets their forgiveness, reduces spam complaints and gets their permission to stay in touch in a really elegant way:

Both the LOL campaign and the “Terrible Friend” campaign are documented in this FYEO dossier.

Keep People Engaged

The main reason subscribers stop engaging with our emails is because we don’t email them often enough. By not emailing enough they can’t build a deep relationship and trust with us and so they forget who we are.

By using our DES framework you’ll be able to email as often as you like (as much as every single day if you like) in a way they enjoy, and you’ll never run out of ideas of what to send.

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Sell To The Resurrected

Once you’ve revived people you don’t want to blunder your first sales campaign to them. Use our Black Widow campaign as a gentle but powerful way to make a strong sales offer to your newly re-engaged subscribers in a way that they love, because it is framed with helpful content.

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